The central position of Jaco and Playa Herradura has the continental shelf drop-off just 20-30miles away .
This gives us access to numerous fishing spots, most of them just 5 to 30 miles away.

The most common fishing spots for game fish are:

Veinteseis (the twentysix)

The Veinteseis is a legendary fishing hot spot made of a big area of volcanic formations sticking out of the sand covered continental platform. This underwater paradise in the middle of sandy wasteland is a home for many bait fishes attracting the big predators like Sailfish, Marlin, Dorado and Wahoo.
The Veinteseis is also a very interesting scuba diving site!  The depth ranges between 120 to 140 feet and strong currents render this dive spot exclusively for advanced divers.

Crateres (the craters)

The Crateres are some kind of depressions on the seafloor looking like volcanic craters. The rocky bottom and the nearby drop-off attract a great variety of predators, especially billfish.

La Caida (the dropoff)

The drop-off is as it’s name suggest the line where the continental shelf start to drop off steep towards the thousands of meters/miles deep ocean floor .This is always a magic fishing spot as the currents will bring up plancton and deep sea creatures becoming food for the predators above.

Cabo Blanco

The most southern part of the Nicoya Penisula is called Cabo Blanco the point where two currents meet. One current up and down along the west coast of Nicoya and the other one going in and out the Gulf of Nicoya. Cabo Blanco is also a national park, so no fishing, diving or snorkeling is allowed, but fishing along the border of the Park can be excellent! As the drop-off is only 6 miles from the coastline, fishing in this area gives us a lot of options for finding game fish.

The Gulf of Nicoya

The entrance of the Gulf of Nicoya with its high tides bring in a lot of nutrients. This high load of food attracts a lot of bigger predators like Dorados. This makes a good choice for trolling while going over to Tortuga for snorkeling or scuba diving.
A real hot spot in the Gulf is the eastern tip of the Island of Negritos, located a bit north of the island of Tortuga.
The eastern tip of Negritos and the western tip of Puntarenas create a narrow passage to the Gulf of Nicoya. This restriction create a very strong current during the change of tide. This current attract a lot of predators to hunt for smaller fishes being in trouble.