A epic day of tuna fishing


We went out to catch some tuna and everybody say that they don’t hit lures, just live sardinies as bait.
Well, so we went to catch sardines but had not much luck. After one hour and only 2 sardines caught,
Chris decided to abort the operation as we where only wasting time to catch sardines and we headed out 40 miles to try with various lures.
There was a big patch of spinner dolphins and tunas hunting so we dropped 3 small squid skirts as our mate insisted that they fish.

He was right, very right!ChrisShaneAlejandroWithTuna

It took us 10 minutes to catch the first 25lbs tuna and then in the next 2 hours we catched another 8 of 12 tunas (and lost a sailfish attacking the lures), every one was bigger than the one before reaching about 60lbs.