The Gulf of Nicoya and Isla San Lucas

The Gulf of Nicoya is approximately 1000 square mile of Costa Rican waters and includes the islands of Chira, Venado, Caballo, San Lucas, Tortuga, Cedros, Bejuco, Pan de Azúcar and Negritos. The most popular island among these is San Lucas Island, known for it’s abandoned high security jail  built in 1873 and abandoned in 1991 and the life in it is described in the book “The Island of Lonely Men” by a prisoner named José León Sánchez.

The water well on Isla San Lucas

The water well and some cells behind

Today San Lucas Island is a heritage site. We cruise to this island where you can visit the abandoned jail and swim in the waters by the beautiful and secluded beaches.

a beach Isla San Lucas
endless empty beaches 

Then we continue our cruise over to Tortuga Island where you will be served lunch and will remain on Tortuga Island until 3 pm to enjoy the beautiful beach before returning to Playa Herradura.

 By special request we can offer lunch on other remote beaches or visit other islands!