The owner Chris


Chris the owner

Chris and a sailfish

Captain Chris was born in Switzerland and started sailing at the age of 8. By 14 he already had his Pleasure Boat Driving License for lakes and protected seas which allowed him to captain sailboats up to 60 feet. In 1999 Chris received his Italian Pleasure Boat Driving License for sail and powerboats for up to 78 feet with a range of 24 miles offshore.

In 1998 he began captaining pleasure and work boats in Sardinia, Italy. His passion for the seas both on and under the water lead him to become not only a proficient captain but a Certified Dive Instructor in 2007.

Since 1998 Chris has owned and operated his own Sports Fishing/Cruising Company with a wide variety of boats in Sardinia. Then in 2007 he expanded his range of services to include scuba diving not only in Sardinia but also in Costa Rica. He is an expert sport fishing guide and captain with more than 32’000 miles of sailing sailboats and powerboats.

He speaks and teaches in many languages!! English, Spanish, Italian, (Swiss)German and French.